Our Impact

There is no quick fix to create change that lasts; no one way to help our neighbors. We're creating long-term change for people by investing in 3 interconnected areas of life:
education, income and health.



How we tackle tough, interconnected community issues.

Helping our neighbors live their best life is no easy task. It involves complex, interconnected issues. The Impact Fund is our answer.
Through the Impact Fund, we invest in community programs that help kids graduate from school ready to succeed, help families leave poverty behind and help make healthy living accessible for everyone.
We invest in the most effective local programs who create real opportunities and get results.

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Supporting every child in every school in our community.

Every child deserves an opportunity to reach their highest potential.
We help make sure they have those opportunities, by promoting and opening doors to high-quality early education and childhood literacy.

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Fighting for family financial stability.

Every hardworking person should have a steady job, food to eat, a place to call home and access to better opportunities.

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Helping seniors, people with disabilities and everyone in our community live safe, healthy and independent lives.

All people should be able to realize their healthiest self - physically, mentally and emotionally.

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