Andy Pinskey

Over a decade of commitment to local seniors

"Seniors are so important to our community. They"ve done so much for us, and it"s our job to now give back to them."

Throughout Andy Pinskey"s life, he has always been dedicated to giving back to his community through volunteerism. "My family always believed in helping one another and doing things for others," he explained.

Nearly 15 years ago, Andy learned that United Way needed help with a new program to support local seniors. "Giving back to the elderly is important to me. I saw an article in the paper about getting a program started with United Way, and I"ve been involved ever since," he said.

Now, at the age of 65, Andy has played an intricate part in United Way"s Open Your Heart to a Senior program (previously Faith In Action) for the last 15 years. After volunteering to help get the program started in the Jacobs Creek area, he volunteered through house visits and continues to sit on the program"s steering committee.

"I"m lucky enough to have connections from all of the things I"ve been able to get involved with throughout the community, so I"m glad to have had the opportunity to help United Way come up with new ways to fundraise for the program," Andy explained. "I"ve done home checks in the past, and I think when I eventually retire, I"ll do more home checks and start driving for seniors. I"d like to give back even more."

Andy continues volunteering because he sees the impact United Way"s Open Your Heart to a Senior has in Westmoreland County. "Our population is rapidly growing older. After seeing my mother and my aunt move into nursing homes, I want to see more people stay in their own homes and have a fulfilling life," he reflected.

Andy hopes to see even more people, particularly young people, get involved with United Way"s Open Your Heart to a Senior. "Seniors are lonely. Most of the time, they just want someone to talk to. There is a sense of joy and pride knowing you made someone"s day through this program, and it"s all worth it," Andy said.

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