Register your project for Day of Caring

Thank you for your interest in hosting a project on Day of Caring!

Project registration overview:

  • Project registration will remain open through June 30.
  • Your project will be available for Day of Caring volunteers to select when volunteer registration opens on July 16.
  • You will be notified via email when your project is selected. Depending on the size of your project, your project may be selected by one or more volunteer teams.
  • We cannot garantee your project will be selected by a volunteer team.
  • Volunteer registration closes on August 31. If your project is not selected by a team of volunteers, you'll be notified by us in the first week of September.
  • Please read the Project Host Terms & Conditions carefully to review all project requirements and responsibilities.

Before you begin your registration, please note:

  • This is a multi-page form. You must complete all pages and submit the form to complete your registration.
  • After you register, you will see a confirmation page and receive a confirmation email.  If you do not see a confirmation page or receive a confirmation email, you have not successfully completed your registration.
  • If you want to register multiple projects, please complete a separate registration for each project.  After completing your first project registration, you will be prompted to complete additional registrations.

Need help or have questions? Contact Jackie at or 724-834-7170 ext. 17.

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Step 1 - Day of Caring Project Host Terms & Conditions

Please read, review and agree to the following Day of Caring Project Host Terms & Conditions to begin your registration. Download as a PDF.

1.    Project Eligibility

Day of Caring projects must positively impact and/or benefit the communities at large within United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s (UWSWPA) eastern service area of Westmoreland, Fayette and Southern Armstrong Counties to be eligible for participation in the event. UWSWPA reserves the right to decline any Day of Caring project for any reason.

2.    Assignment of Volunteers & Project Completion

UWSWPA does not guarantee volunteers for groups or organizations hosting a Day of Caring project (project hosts). Day of Caring volunteer teams select their own projects during Day of Caring volunteer registration. UWSWPA will do everything possible to secure an adequate number of volunteers for Day of Caring projects, but this is subject to variances in volunteer registration, preference, availability, cancellation and other unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances.  Project hosts will be notified by UWSWPA in the first week of September if their project was not selected by a Day of Caring volunteer team. UWSWPA is not responsible or liable for projects that are not selected by volunteers. If and when a project is selected by a Day of Caring volunteer team, UWSWPA will notify the project host. Notifications will be made on a rolling basis throughout the Day of Caring volunteer registration process. UWSWPA is not responsible for any lost or ignored notifications.

3.    Project Host Requirements & Responsibilities

3.1 Oversite – Project hosts must have one or more staff present at their project site at all times. If the project host has more than one project, one or more staff must be present at each site at all times.

3.2 Fulfillment – The work completed by Day of Caring volunteers on Day of Caring is limited to the project description submitted by the project host on their Day of Caring project registration form. No changes or additions may be made to the project description without the express, written notification of both UWSWPA and the project hosts’ Day of Caring volunteer team.

3.3 Provisions - Project hosts are required to provide Day of Caring volunteers with the following:

  • All equipment, tools and supplies needed for completion of the project, including paint, rollers, brushes, covers, trays, drop cloths and other painting accessories (see 3.4 for details);
  • Any necessary safety equipment;
  • Any meals taking place within the timeframe of the project;
  • Water for all volunteers.

3.4  Paint – PPG Paints offers a paint donation program (the program) to project hosts on an annual basis. The program is renewed annually by July 31. The program cannot be guaranteed until after that point. Project hosts will be asked to indicate enrollment in the program, contingent on its renewal, on their Day of Caring project registration form. If and when the program is renewed, project hosts who indicated enrollment will be notified of required next steps. UWSWPA is not responsible for the paint needs of any project host who does not indicate their enrollment in the program. The program is coordinated exclusively by PPG Paints. This includes, but is not limited to, program deadlines, order processing, deliveries and customer service requests. UWSWPA is not responsible for any delayed, missing or lost paint orders. In the event that the program is not renewed, UWSWPA will not provide paint to project hosts and is not responsible or liable for additional costs related to paint purchases.

3.5 Safety – Project hosts are liable and responsible for the safety of Day of Caring volunteers while volunteers are at the project host’s site(s). Project hosts must ensure that the project site and all tools and supplies meet applicable, standard safety guidelines and expectations. Projects must provide all necessary safety equipment to all Day of Caring volunteers (gloves, protective eyewear etc.) and have an emergency plan in place, including emergency phone access.

3.6 Rain dates – Day of Caring is a rain or shine event. Project hosts are solely responsible for canceling projects in case of rain, scheduling rain dates and/or back-up projects and communicating cancelations and/or project changes with volunteers.

3.7 Liability & photo/video release – Project hosts are responsible for the completion of a UWSWPA Day of Caring liability & photo/video release form by all Day of Caring volunteers at their site and any additional volunteers, staff or clients associated with the project.  Forms must be returned to UWSWPA within two weeks of the event. Forms will be made available at

4.    Day of Caring Stewardship

Project hosts must provide adequate and appropriate orientation to all Day of Caring volunteers during their project. This includes, but is not limited to:

4.1  Orientation – Project hosts must clearly explain to Day of Caring volunteers the mission, services and impact of their organization, how they are connected to United Way and the value of the work the Day of Caring volunteers will be completing, including who it will benefit and why it is important.  Project hosts must also introduce Day of Caring volunteers to any clients or staff present and thank all Day of Caring volunteers for their contribution.

4.2  No solicitation – Project hosts are not permitted to solicit volunteers on Day of Caring for donations, monetary or otherwise, in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, verbal solicitation and the distribution of literature intended to solicit.

4.3  Contribution to project – When possible and appropriate, project hosts should assist volunteers with project work.

Failure to complete or comply with any of the Day of Caring Project Host terms and conditions may disqualify project hosts from future participation UWSWPA Day of Caring events.