Raising Readers

It takes a village to raise a reader.

The Raising Readers program organizes special book clubs for parents, which give them the tools they need to develop their child's love of reading and learning.

Raising Readers clubs show parents and caregivers how to read to their child daily. They provide guidance and resources, and they teach parents and caregivers how to have an engaging reading session with their child.

Raising Readers clubs are organized by United Way through several local school districts. During each club meeting, facilitators model proper reading techniques and give ideas for engaging with children. Parents and caregivers have time to share success stories and challenges. At the end of each meeting, every parent takes home a quality children's book, so they can practice the tools they just learned and build their at-home library.  



Over 100 local families have completed Raising Readers book club sessions, impacting the learning and lives of thousands of local children.  United Way currently coordinates Raising Readers clubs in these school districts:

  • Greensburg Salem
  • Brownsville
  • Ligonier Valley