Books for Babies

Ensuring childhood learning begins on day one.

Books for Babies teaches parents the benefits of reading to their newborn. And those benefits are big: like improved cognitive, social and emotional development and the development of language, problem-solving and early reading skills. Hearing parents read encourages babies to use their voice and helps them build communication skills, while the stories parents read stimulate their baby's imagination and creativity.

We partner with Excela Health - Westmoreland Hospital and Uniontown Hospital to get books and important resources into the hands of parents. Books for Babies provides the parents of every baby born in each hospital with a care package, which includes a child development activity book, an infant board book a "Building Blocks for Babies" flipchart.



Last year, 1,200 families received Books for Babies care packages at Excela Health - Westmoreland Hospital
and nearly 900 families received care packages at Uniontown Hospital.