Kindergarten Transition

We help families navigate one of childhood's biggest transitions.

One of the biggest transitions a child will ever make happens at the start of kindergarten. Successfully navigating the start of school sets kids up for future success. But it takes all of us, working together, to make that happen.

United Way coordinates community transition teams that help kids and families bridge the gap between pre-k and kindergarten. Transition teams are made up of early childhood educators, teachers, parents and community members. They work together to make sure students can transition smoothly from pre-k life to kindergarten, and start school feeling calm, confident and ready to learn.

Transition teams coordinate activities and experiences that help students adapt to kindergarten: parent orientation nights, student summer camps, classroom visits and more.

Transition teams also give a voice to key issues surrounding early childhood education. They promote the importance of quality early childhood education, early literacy development and on-time kindergarten registration. They help early childhood educators and school districts communicate better, and do the same for families, schools and the greater community.



During the 2017-18 school year, 4,000 students participated in transition activities, including 2,700 students in Westmoreland County, 1,100 students in Fayette County, 100 students in Armstrong County and 100 students in Greene County.



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