Kenley's Story: The power of preschool readiness

For Kenley, preschool readiness impacted her far beyond the textbook ABCs and 123s. It opened the door to school success, fun and new friends. 

Before her preschool readiness experience, Kenley would often "meltdown" because she wasn't able to communicate her needs. This isolated her from her peers and prevented her from playing with other children. Desperate to improve Kenley’s communication and socialization skills, her mother enrolled Kenley in a local preschool readiness group funded by United Way's Impact Fund. 

Though the beinning was tough - Kenley was on the verge of quitting after just one week - she stuck with it. By the time she finished the program, Kenley was playing with the other children in her class and learning to express herself.

After her time with the group, Kenley enrolled in a traditional preschool. Today, her mother describes her as a ray of sunshine. She loves to sing and dance, and she knows the names of all her classmates.

"She wakes up in the morning and says, 'I’m so happy today!,'" Kenley's mom said.

She’s able to sit with her friend on the bus every day.

Kenley's family is amazed at the progress that she’s made in just a year, and that it all started with the preschool readiness group.