Cold Weather Shelter

A place to turn in a time of need.

No one should be forced to sleep outside or live in a home without heat. Whether someone is facing a short-term heating loss or fighting long-term homelessness, the Cold Weather Shelter can help.

The shelter opens on nights 25 degrees or colder from November 1 - March 31. It offers safe, short-term shelter to people and families.

While staying at the shelter, we also help people assess their situation and connect them to additional services. We operate the shelter out of two local partner agenices: the Welcome Home Shelter and the Union Mission. We provide funding, supplies, volunteers and oversight to keep the shelter doors open.



If you or someone you know needs shelter, call any of the following number to check the shelter's open dates:

  • 2-1-1
  • Westmoreland County Crisis Line: 800-836-6010
  • Welcome Home Shelter: 724-838-9133
  • Union Mission: 724-539-3550